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The entire month of March is Spring Release Month.  Throughout the month, discover a slice of Paso Robles Wine Country's charisma and get out to some of the over 100 individual events like winemaker dinners, seminars, live music, specialty tours and more. Experience the unique personalities, iconic places, and creative activities that only Paso Robles Wine Country can deliver.  Spring Release is a themed month that does not feature a single marquee event, but rather individual experiences at the area wineries. Come take in Paso Robles as the weather warms inviting you to absorb the fresh sights and scents of wine country.  Delicious new wines, wildflowers in bloom, seasonal foods on offer, and the beginning of a new vintage budding in the vineyard. There is no prettier time to be in Paso Robles Wine Country.


All month long Paso Wine Country features a Winemaker Dinner Series. Five winemaker dinners at five restaurants.  This series showcases the culinary diversity of Paso Robles alongside the distinctly different wines of the region. Each restaurant will be paired with four to six different winemakers who will share their wines and story. If you make it to every dinner in March, that's up to 20 different wineries that you have the opportunity to meet and taste.











Windward Vineyard's French Connection 2023

Our members were treated to an extravaganza of delights at our members appreciation event.

Windward library and current verticle wines as well as French Burgundian wines, were marvelous. Chef Jeffery Scott's tasting display of culinary delights, sublime. Dionysus and Bacchus were shining down on us and the weather behaved in a Spring-like fashion! 

We thoroughly enjoyed the company of our wonderful wine-club members this afternoon.


À bientôt






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