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2019 Eye of the PartridgeDouble Gold Medal Winner            $28(Club $22.40)

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Eye of the Partridge is a unique creation, neither a white nor a Rosé. Estate red Pinot Noir fruit was harvested early with a lower brix to highlight crisp acidity. After fermenting in stainless steel, this wine rested in neutral oak before bottling. The result is a full-bodied and crisp wine that resembles a pale rosé. Lemon verbena with fresh spring strawberries. A creamy, full-bodied mid-palate with a crisp, clean finish.
Only 230 Cases Produced

2018 Monopole Pinot Noir - $48 (Club $38.40)

The 2018 vintage, like the '16 & '17, shows the renewed vigor of the vineyard and recovery from the 2015 drought. The nose opens with aromas of the first ripe cherries of spring mingled with fresh rose petals. Hints of vanilla linger from our 100% Seguin Moreau French Oak barrels. Gentle cassis richness caresses the mid palate, with tea leaves, dried strawberry and cherry on the finish.
Only 980 Cases Produced

2017 Monopole Pinot Noir - $48 (Club $38.40)

Weather was certainly our side for our 25th Anniversary vintage. A winter generous with rain and cool weather produced full, ripe clusters. This vintage is a profound expression of Windward Vineyard’s mature vineyard. Bing cherry presides over this vintage, from the nose to the lingering finish. Aromas of the cherry and forest floor share the stage with the salted caramel on the nose. On entry to the palate, hints of cranberry swirl with the cherry. The lush rich feel on mid-palate draws you in, and the lingering finish leaves you with fresh leather and berries. This one like previous Windward drinks beautifully now or will lie down for the next 20 years.
Only 915 Cases Produced

2016 Monopole Pinot Noir
- $44 (Club $35.20)

The 2016 vintage witnessed the first drought recovery year which invigorated the vineyard. This resulted in a lush canopy that nurtured the fruit into ripeness. The nose leads with an aroma of wild strawberry with hints of violets, black cherries, and sandalwood. The initial forward fruit gives way to the velvety mid palate from the Pommard clone that is laced with mineral extractions from the calcareous soil of Windward Vineyard. The lingering finish, with a touch of phenolics from Seguin Moreau cooperage in so young a wine, promises this 2016 vintage will drink beautifully now and cellar very well over the next 15 years - à votresanté
Only 830 Cases Produced     

2015 Monopole Pinot Noir
- $44 (Club $35.20)

Our 2015 vintage is our smallest harvest, but small quantity can lead to unique and grand quality. In that regard this vintage delivered dense clusters with concentrated, but beautifully balanced forward fruit and acidity. The intensity of the earthy soil produce an aroma of autumn forest, hints of coffee & molasses with ripe berries in the nose that intensifies on entry with the typical Windward Vineyard profile of a velvet rich center and long peacock tail finish.                                                                                             
Only 650 Cases Produced                 


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2019 Eye of the Partridge          

$28  (Club $22.40) 

2018 Monopole Pinot Noir

$48  (Club $38.40)

2017 Monopole Pinot Noir

$48  (Club $38.40)

2016 Monopole Pinot Noir

$44  (Club $35.20)   

2015 Monopole Pinot Noir

$44  (Club $35.20)   



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2018 GOLD Barrel Select
Pinot Noir  


2014 Monopole Pinot Noir

$54   (Club $43.20)

2013 Monopole Pinot Noir

$54   (Club $43.20)

2012 Monopole Pinot Noir

$54   (Club $43.20)



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