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2022 Eye of the Partridge –Just released!-$32/bottle (Club $25.60)

Eye of the Partridge is a unique creation, neither a white nor a Rosé. Estate red Pinot Noir fruit was harvested early with a lower brix to highlight crisp acidity. After fermenting in stainless steel, this wine rested in neutral oak before bottling. The result is a full-bodied and crisp wine that resembles a pale rosé. Lemon verbena with fresh spring strawberries. A creamy, full-bodied mid-palate with a crisp, clean finish.

Only 200 Cases Produced


2021 Monopole Pinot Noir  - $54/bottle (Club $43.20)

This was a survival 2021 vintage for the wines of California. years of extreme drought had triggered a cautious vineyard response by reducing the number of grape clusters of each vine in expectation of reduced nourishment due to the drought. Yields were greatly short of their usual volume so the wines produced were also more concentrated in aroma and fruit that is evident in Windward Vineyard's '21 our 30th vintage. An intense berry fruit is evident on entrance yielding to overtones of of soft minerality from the soil.  It is lush, full-bodied for such a recent vintage. Defiant against the drought and so 'sacrément bon!'


2020 Monopole Pinot Noir  - $54/bottle (Club $43.20)

The 2020 Vintage is a near-perfect, 20/20.  Clear vision of our 30 year-old vineyard's ability to achieve it's 1990 plantings' objective: To produce a great Burgundian-style traditional pinot noir.  With it's subtle whiffs of violet aroma and ripe berry fruit on entrance, it stands as an outstanding vintage; drinking beautifully on release with an honest propensity to gather layered complexity with sustained balance of fruit, acidity and long phenolic finish. I am proud to recommend our 2020 Windward Vineyard Monopole for your consumption now and may years of future tasting and food pairing experiences.

2019 Monopole Pinot Noir - Released Spring 2022 - $54/bottle (Club $43.20)

Paso is on a vintage "Roll". The '17, '18, and now the '19 are outstanding vintages in or 21st century's 1st decade. The 19's hue is brilliant with a slight cast of ultra violet, promising a mystical wine awaiting your first taste. Both nose and wild berry fruit palate are consistent on entry of the "Noble Fruit" slidinig gently into a velvety river that flows into our Windward Vineyard's signature peacock tail finish that seems endless. Only 1120 Cases Produced

2012 Monopole Pinot Noir
$54/bottle (Club $43.20)

Found an extra pallet of our Commemorative 20th Vintage! The “Deuxieme Decade-XX” bottling. Intense, earthy Pinot Noir that has seductive tones of cassis that balances the fruit and adds to its layered complexity. It tastes very similar to a Nuits-Saint-George in its most successful vintages. 




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2022 Eye of the Partridge

$32 (Club $25.60)

2021 Monopole Pinot Noir   

$54 (Club $43.20)

2020 Monopole Pinot Noir

$54 (Club $43.20)

2019 Monopole Pinot Noir

$54 (Club $43.20)

2012 Monopole Pinot Noir

$54 (Club $43.20)



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