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2021 Monopole Pinot Noir

2021 Monopole Pinot Noir

This was a survival 2021 vintage for the wines of California. years of extreme drought had triggered a cautious vineyard response by reducing the number of grape clusters of each vine in expectation of reduced nourishment due to the drought. Yields were greatly short of their usual volume so the wines produced were also more concentrated in aroma and fruit that is evident in Windward Vineyard's '21 our 30th vintage. An intense berry fruit is evident on entrance yielding to overtones of of soft minerality from the soil.  It is lush, full-bodied for such a recent vintage. Defiant against the drought and so 'sacrément bon!'

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The 2021 Vintage emerged from the prolonged drought with profound intensity packed into its small yield.  The wine opens with a nose of earth tones and dried cherry aromas yielding to rich fruit on the palate with its first sip. The wine moves over the mid-sensory buds slowly building its soft, velvety tannins. Windward Vineyard, true to its past 30 vintages, retains its unique "Peacock Tail" and lingering finish as french oak from a year in Seguin Moreau Barrels makes its lush phenols evident by prolonging the wines presence in your sensorium.

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Size 750 ml